Ancient craft in the modern era

No two pieces are the same in our wide range. The unique pieces, which can be worn on weekdays, include elegant, light fur, leather and suede hats, fur hats, fur headbands, leather and suede gloves, as well as modern and classic-style suede jackets, sumptuous hides and other inimitable creations that bring special touch to everyday life, which won an award at the Budapest fashion show.
Our products are made on the basis of the patterns left behind by the Kocsis furrier masters and thecontinuously perfected patterns dreamed up byGyula Kocsis Handicraft Szűcsmester .

Our men's products, made with the expertise of a furrier, include unique and at the same time traditional, modern and elegant pieces. Thus, in addition to men's hides and fur headgear, hides, jackets, vests and leather gloves, we offer other exceptional handicrafts.

... And all that is fur

There should be no limit to the creative hand as soon as he is inspired to immediately set to work and realize his ideas. This is how our wide range of accessories has been created , from a phone case decorated with fur and leather, to soft and warm homemade mamas designed for 100% comfort, to practical and simple deer leather wipes, to a sheepskin waist warmer that protects the health of hunters and bikers.

Have you been looking for that particular piece of clothing in the sky for quite some time? Whether it's a beautiful suede jacket, jacket in a unique size and style , or a product suitable for special purposes, such as a lamb's wail sleeping bag that is excellent for winter hunting, or if you have other special wishes, please contact us!

Gyula Kocsis Kezmuves Szucsmester Muhelymunkai 1

1162 Budapest Ferenc street 136


+36 30 350 78 22

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