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Women's suede jackets

Leave the mass product and choose the unique one!

Women's fur and suede hats

Women's hides

What should you know about women's skins, fur hats and vests made with us?

  • The women's jackets we make are made exclusively of real hides, fur and leather , which can be: nappa, so-called abrasive suede, or suede finishes.
  • Each sheepskin, fox fur or other raw material is personally selected by Gyula Kocsis Szűcsmester from hundreds, sometimes thousands, of leathers.
  • Important
    note that fur raw materials made using today's modern technology
    (which we use) are often lightweight, so it's not worth equanimity
    to draw between old, heavy suede jackets and today's lightly made coats.



  • Each of our products is unique, of course, this is also due to the nature of the raw material itself, however, no two pieces of women's suede jacket models are the same, each made in a different color, style and decoration.
  • Our wide rangeincludes classic-cut pieces, as well as modern, youthful and sporty styles. Another stylistic direction can be the unique, sometimes extreme jackets/jackets that demonstrate the creativity of the Artisan furrier Master. In our shop you can easily get caught up with some irhajeki and jackets that have won professional competitions in Budapest. 

  •  About the precise assembly of our hideous jackets, of course,
    also Gyula Kocsis Handicraft Szűcsmester takes care of it. Our suburban furrier workshop
    its products are based on His expert attention, enthusiastic and creative attitude, as well as
    hundreds of years of family furrier tradition make it valuable, artisanal
    into a masterwork.



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