With us, you can feel safe at the same time, find the fur speciality that suits you, and enjoy the expert service of the artisan furrier.
Read what you need to pay attention to with us, then contact us and visit our store!

1. You can have "one" customer in our store at a time

Only by appointment, one customer can stay in our store at a time (of course, couples, families can come at the same time).

2. Continuous ventilation

We keep all the windows in the room tilted or open, so fresh, clean, suburban air always flows freely in the store

3. Everyone here wears a mask

Not only the furrier, but all of our customers wear masks while in the store. If you come to us and leave your mask at home, it's okay, as we provide you with a self-made, washable mask, and if you buy a product from us, we will give you the mask as a gift!

4. When entering the fur business, everyone starts with hand disinfection

Upon entering, the hand infestation provided by us not only the furrier master but also all our guests are infected with his hands.

+1 If you notice a symptom suggestive of coronavirus, please stay at home to maintain the health of yourself and others.

If you notice any symptoms of coronavirus, please stay at home for the safety of yourself, our customers coming after you and the furrier.  In this case, we heartily wish you a speedy recovery!

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