Kocsis Furriers - Since 1845

Nowadays, being a master craftsman is a very rare vocation. This is my vocation, as is my father's and my forefathers going back to 1845.

My products are unique, handcrafted products made of real fur and fur leather (e.g.: lamb's hides, rabbits, foxes, nerc). My works made from quality raw materials can enrich the wearer's wardrobe for several decades. In my workshop, I like to use traditional techniques in both the preparation and design phases. I am happy to draw inspiration from the motifs of Hungarian folk art and the costumes of ancient, nomadic peoples in order to make simpler forms unique. In addition, I strive to offer those interested in a product that can be proudly worn in everyday life. 

If you are interested in the more history of my family business, click here and read this hvg article published about us

Personal introduction

I am Gyula Kocsis Handicraft Szűcsmester, I live in the 16th district with my wife and children. I was blessed with four girls and a son by The Good God. If I can, I spend my free time in nature, hiking, cycling. As a sport, I do yoga and basketball. My hobby is whitewater fishing, but I also enjoy sitting on the shores of a lake. I find my happiest moments in my family and in my vocation. I love when my unique, special creations are worn with pleasure by my customers. I carry on my craft, in a workshop and shop in the lower part of our house. 

Pictures from the suburban furry workshop

Watch the short image film

Get to know the story of the Furrier Master in this short film. 

Tradition, expertise, value, creed, humility, love. Just a few words that seek to capture the essence of the inherited craft.

Which we always strive for when creating our products...

100% Quality

Szűcsmesteri tudásom 1845 óta gyűjtött tapasztalatra épül, hiszen családomba a szűcsmesterség tudománya öröklődik. Hat éves koromban már édesapám körül sürgölődtem, később inas koromban testvéremmel (leginkább budapesti) tehetséges szűcsmesterekhez szegődtünk, rövidebb hoszabb időkre hogy a lehető legtöbb technikát, szakmai tudást, „titkot” összegyűjtsük. Szakmai elismeréseim, további bizonyíték lehet minőségi alkotásaimra, de véleményem szerint a legjobb, ha vásárlóim döntik el mit gondolnak minőséginek, így hogy termékeimet nyugodt szívvel válasszák, kipróbálják, minden munkámra garanciát vállalok.

100% uniqueness

Just as no two flowers open the same in nature, so the real fur base cannot be the same. Each finished fur, hide, skin has a different property that can be easily assessed by the expert eye. To the properties of the raw material (e.g.: hair thickness, hair pattern, tightness, etc.) I create my handicrafts expertly aligned. In addition, my works are created only on the basis of my own patterns, among which you can find novelties, modern and classic pieces, and even individualized products on demand.

100% Natural ingredients

Genuine leather, fur and Irish are natural breathable materials, the wearing of which provides a comfort and feeling of life that no other clothing material can. There are naturally tanned fur, leather and irish hair (e.g.: o rvosi sheepskin) which is so environmentally friendly that it decomposes (compostable) in a maximum of a year when dug into the ground.

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