Nowadays being an artificer furrier is a very rare job. This is my profession. It is a tradition in my family since 1845. I live in Hungary, in Europe. I only use original furs (for example sheep skin, rabbit, fox or mink fur) to create unique products. I make durable things in good quality with traditional techniques. Not only the fabrication techniques are traditional, I like using the ancient hungarian motives and forms to decorate the simple pieces. On the other hand I always try to create something new, to wear it anytime.

Personal introduction

I live with my wife and our five childrens in the 16th district in Budapest, Hungary. If I can, I spend my free time in the nature, i like hiking, cycling and also like yoga and basketball as a sport. My hobbies are wild-water fishing and kayaking. I find my happiest life moments in my family and in my profession. I’am happy if my unique, special works are enjoyed by my customers. My shop and workshop is in the lower part of our house.